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Free solar panels for your home

No hidden costs. No catches. Just free solar panels for your home!

A Government scheme launched in April 2010 called the Feed In Tariff is making it possible for Ecovision to install free solar panels for your home.

The installation took less than a day. We had been looking into investing into Solar Panels, but we couldn’t afford them, so we were really pleased when we saw Ecovision were offering them free of charge!

Free installation

If your home fulfils certain criteria, then you could qualify for free installation of our high quality solar electricity generating system. That’s up to £15,000 of electricity generating equipment installed in your home for free. Learn more about how our system works.

Free daytime electricity

As soon as the solar panel system is installed, you immediately benefit from free electricity during the day, whatever the weather. Depending on the location of your home and the way in which you use your electrical appliances, you could reduce your electricity bill by up to 50%. Learn more about saving on bills.

Free maintenance

Ecovision’s free solar panels for the home are reliable and hard-wearing. In the unlikely event that maintenance is required, then Ecovision will provide this free of charge for 25 years.

Furthermore, our solar electricity system features an automatic alert that notifies us of any maintenance issues immediately. If this happens, then we will contact you and arrange a convenient time for our engineer to visit.

See if you could benefit

Why not see if you could benefit from free solar panels for your home? Simply enter your postcode in the box provided, place the pin on the map to identify your home and we will respond with an initial assessment. Alternatively, you can call Ecovision now on 0845 003 8001.

Is your roof:

If your home fulfills these criteria then you may be eligible for the installation of a free solar electricity system.

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